5 Best Intermediate Slalom Water Skis

5 Best Intermediate Slalom Water Skis

You may be thinking now that you are an intermediate slalom water skier, you can buy any ski, but that is not the case. The content mentioned in this article will help you decide the best intermediate slalom water ski for you.

Top Pick 
Connelly 2021 Aspect Slalom Ski

CAPT (Connelly Advanced Profile Technology)

Recreational Glass Flex 

V-shaped steps that help improve water flow efficiency

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The Connelly Aspect focuses on beveled edges, tunnel width, and other features that will make your experience easier. While there are many intermediate slalom skis in the market, try to look at what provides more functionality rather than design.

Other contestants for the best intermediate slalom water ski

Connelly 2021 Outlaw Slalom Ski

Closed Cell Polyurethane Resin Core

The base consists of Acrylam, allowing you to opt for hard carves

Uses Connelly Advanced Profile Technology

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  • Closed Cell Polyurethane Resin Core.
  • The base consists of Acrylam, allowing you to opt for hard carves or smooth turns.
  • Uses Connelly Advanced Profile Technology.

Connelly is one of the leading slalom water ski manufacturers. Their slalom water skis focus more on learning and improving your technique. The Connelly Outlaw provides more hold and stability, a good choice for those at the intermediate and intermediate-advanced level. The ski has a narrow design, and the wide tail end allows provides for drag to slow down when turning.

O'Brien 2021 Siege Slalom Water Ski 


Adjustable bindings

Intermediate to advanced riders

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  • With the rocker pattern, you can expect smooth transitions.
  • Even though this says intermediate, the ski will still be more suited to advanced skier who consistently run the slalom course.

O’Brien ski manufacturers are yet another leading brand. Their skis are nimble and stable for intermediate to advanced skiers. Anyone who wants to perform well but also have fun will find this ski a good match. The tunnel concave allows for easy turning and smooth transitions. Z6 bindings, they are adjustable, light, and flexible. 

O'Brien 2021 Impulse Slalom Ski

Heavy rocker

Carved fin for added stability

For beginner-intermediate skill range

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  • Heavy rocker patterns help for smooth transitions.
  • 45 Degree Bevel that minimizes spray.
  • Binding size ranges from XS to S up to 7. 
  • Ski binding is available in one range of US size only, making it less adaptable for others.

From the 2020 season, the fins on this ski are adjustable, and the narrow tunnel help with tracking. The rocker patterns allow smooth transitions. You can take easy turns, and the ski lets you have more fun as compared to other more twitchy skis.

Connelly 2021 Aspect Slalom Ski

CAPT (Connelly Advanced Profile Technology)

Recreational Glass Flex 

V-shaped steps that help improve water flow efficiency

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  • Closed-cell resin core and a recreational glass flex sequence.
  • Connelly Advanced Profile Technology – CAPT
  • V-tech offers increased maneuverability and breaks up the water surface area.

Connelly Aspect aims to provide increased stability and response in water. The fiberglass has a lightweight feel and allows for a smooth ride. 

  • Reinforced composite construction that allows beginners to ski confidently.
  • Connelly Tracking System is a feature that keeps the ski straight once the boat accelerates.
  • RTS bindings help you to swerve and take slow turns.
  • The ski is more for beginners rather than intermediate. It has features that are convenient to use, and they do not challenge an intermediate skier.

Connelly Shortline is a ski that offers more space for learning rather than professional use. The ski is designed for the category of skiers belonging to beginners or intermediate. Wide tunnels and tips for increased balancing.

Frequently Asked Questions

When I started out, I was less informed on the subject of slalom water skis. As an intermediate skier, I had many doubts, which led me to make mistakes. These are some frequently asked questions that could make your experience easier.

How do you determine if you are an intermediate slalom water skier?

If you prefer a higher speed than what you started with, then you are probably an intermediate water skier. Most skiers in this category ski for fun and do not plan on running the slalom course with any rope shortening. More so than turning professional, all you wish for is a good and enjoyable time on the water. Typically, you ski in a speed range from 24 mph to 28 mph.

What speed range do you fall in for an intermediate slalom water ski?

Like I mentioned before, the speed range for an intermediate slalom water ski is 24 to 28 mph. Depending on the skier’s weight, this range can fluctuate. Note that you should not be crossing that range from what your intermediate slalom water ski can handle.

How is the sizing of an intermediate slalom water ski determined?

The size of the ski completely depends on the skier’s weight and the average boat speed used. No matter what your skill level is, the sizing method remains the same. Depending on the skier’s weight, the ski size will increase or decrease. The ski sizing falls in the range of 62 inches to 72 inches. Sizes may sometimes remain the same for you as you jump on higher levels of slalom skiing. But other elements, such as the width, shape, edge, etc. enter the picture to determine which ski is the best for you. 

What are the different ski types?

There are three general types of skis that are classifiable into levels of skiing. This means you can determine which type of ski is for you based on your aspirations.

·   Slalom Course Skis

You could say a course ski is designed for advanced skiers, or professional skiers participating in tournaments. These are designed to be stiff, light, and responsive that allows them to travel as quickly as possible. Slalom course skis are made and tested by professional skiers, giving their input into each seasons design. Specifically designed for slalom courses, the ski likes to be on edge at all times and will be slippery if faced flat on the water.

·  Cross-over Skis

Cross-over skis are made specifically for an intermediate skier or anyone who is looking to ski the open waters for fun. These have more width as compared to slalom skis. Their flex pattern also leans more towards the softer side, allowing the skier to handle the ski smoothly and have a wider arch out of turns. 

·  Free-ski

A free ski is designed for beginners or novice skiers. As an intermediate slalom water skier, you have probably already tried this type of ski out before. A free ski has a softer flex pattern that allows more bend and slower out of turns. These skis are the widest amongst all three and are designed specifically for slow speeds. With higher width comes more stability and comfort.  

How does a concave base help to determine the right slalom water ski?

When it comes to splitting a ski based on its base, you should know a few key factors. As a beginning skier, I barely paid attention to ski bases, but here is how a concave base plays an important role in your ski choice. This is the shape from under the ski that will determine the stability and the ability to turn edges. There are three types in total.

·  Flat Spot Design

These are the most common types since they are used by beginners or novices. This ski has a wider body, and the flat spot allows the water to flow parallel to the ski. Skiers can lean at a slower speed by turning off the base.

·  Tunnel-Concave Design

This model has a central concave, while the sides of it are designed flat. This ski allows you to sit higher in the water. A wider concave spot brings you more stability. Conversely, the large concave also makes for a faster ski and harder edge. 

·  Full-Concave Design

The ski has a full concave from edge to edge of the ski. This is specifically designed for advanced skiers, allowing them to take rapid turns. The concave base provides more lock and hold for stronger turns.