Best Wakeboard For Kids

Best Wakeboard For Kids

Best Wakeboard For Kids

Spending almost an eternity surrounded by water, I have learned every tip and trick about the giant blue. I have made myself an expert in water sports and consider wakeboarding my favorite. Watching so many kids around me trying to learn the sport, I have prepared a list of the best wakeboard for kids.

What all should you know about Wakeboards for Kids?

Wakeboarding is one of the most exciting water sports I have ever tried. Even though fun and adventure are important, several other things should also be considered while trying a water sport.

With so many years of experience, I have realized how important safety and comfort are in the water. Therefore, below is a detailed guide on choosing the right wakeboard for your little riders.

Factors that should matter

There are specific factors that can help you determine the perfect wakeboard for your kids. Going by the right wakeboard and checking all the considerations can keep your kid safe in the water. Moreover, your kid is bound to learn the sport more efficiently and quickly with a comfortable ride.

  • Length of your Wakeboard

Choosing the right size and length of the wakeboard is very important. While your kids are out in the open waters, a smartly chosen wakeboard can keep them safe. The wakeboard’s length plays a crucial role in influencing the board’s movement and how much you can control it.

The correct length for your kid would depend on their height and weight. The best way to tackle this is by studying the length and size chart and choosing accordingly. If you get a suitable-sized wakeboard, your kid will quickly learn to balance the board.

Some boards come in mediocre lengths and thus, eliminate the need to switch after a few years. However, if your kid is a beginner, it is best to go by the exact size suitable for them.

  • Level of Ability

Wakeboards are categorized based on many factors, and level of ability is one of them. These boards are made according to the increase in the difficulty of riding them. The hardest ones to ride are made of stiff materials and have a somewhat different shape.

The intermediate and easy level wakeboards are made of soft materials and stay stable in the water. Wakeboards come with a label that mentions the skill required to ride them.

You can always check those labels before buying them for kids or adults. When choosing a wakeboard for kids, this is a vital factor to consider.

  • Material

Whatever you carry to the water with you should be made of the right material, especially if it is meant to save your life. To make wakeboards safe and easy to control, they usually have a core made of wood or foam. They also have an outer layer made of fiberglass to maintain their density over water.

The core material of the wakeboard will highly influence your kid’s experience during sports. A wooden board will make flexing easier, while a foam core can be more durable and easily stabilize.

What are rockers in a wakeboard?

Every wakeboard has rockers on its rear surface. These rockers are provided on the wakeboard to make the movement easier and stable. Without them, bending or making sudden turns while wakeboarding becomes challenging.

A rocker can also be seen as a curve that goes from the wakeboard tail to its tip or nose. The size or design of the curve may differ since the difficulty level of the wakeboard increases. As the board becomes stiffer, the rockers become less prominent and smoother.

In present times, the most common types of rockers are continuous, hybrid, and three-staged rockers. The continuous rockers provide the smoothest ride and are usually preferred above the rest two. The three-staged comes second to them.

What are the types of wakeboards available in the market?

The difference in the types of wakeboards is generally determined by the rockers used in them. The wakeboards are also distinguished based on the rockers. They are also named after the rockers found on them.

What safety gears do kids need for wakeboarding?

Everyone should put on several safety gears before heading to the wakeboard. Be it for kids or adult beginners, the requirements for safety gear are pretty much the same.

  • Wetsuits

It works if you are wakeboarding in the colder region. People staying in really freezing terrains should prefer thicker and fuller sleeves.

  • Helmet

Be it for any water sports; I always recommend wearing a helmet. No matter how big of an expert you have become, wearing the helmet should be a priority. Believe it or not, helmets have saved my life several times despite my level of expertise.

  • Impact vest

These vests are used to keep your upper body safe in case of an accident. It keeps your body floating and also absorbs shocks.

  • Bindings

The most important safety gears are the bindings. It binds you to the board and makes sure not to let you fall during sudden turns or even speeding. These bindings usually come with the wakeboard.

What boots are preferable for Wakeboarding?

You cannot just use any boots for wakeboarding. There are special boots that are specific for wakeboarding. These boots are known as binders and have two functions. They work as your shoes and keep you bound with the wakeboard to not fall into the water.

Top 5 wakeboards for kids that you should consider buying

As the market is filled with zillions of options, finding the right wakeboard for your wakeboard star could be difficult. Therefore, to make your work easier, I have listed down my five favorite wakeboards in the kids’ category. Read on.

Connelly Charger 119 Kid’s Wakeboard

Connelly Charger 119 Kid's Wakeboard

Easy, Stable Ride for Kids 

System 80 Core 

Full Spine 

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One of the easiest wakeboards for kids, this wakeboard can keep your kid safe and make them an expert in no time. This board has been specifically designed to teach kids the skill of wakeboarding. The board comes with four-by-four molded fins.

It also has a center fin that can be removed, depending on the kind of ride your kid wants. It comes with rails all along the lower surface to get a better grip over the wakeboard. It also has a 3-stage rocker that can provide reliable balance.

This will help your little wakeboard enthusiast get a good hold of their skill.


  • The board has four fins to break through the water
  • One center fin is removable
  • It has rails to improve grip
  • 3-stage rocker for balance


  • Available in only one color and style

Hyperlite Union Jr. 125 Kid’s Wakeboard

Hyperlite 2022 Union Jr. 125 Kid’s Wakeboard

Woodlite Core

Urethane Sidewall

Full Beveled Edge

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Hyperlite is one of the leading wakeboard brands that dedicate efforts to invent something new to enhance the rider’s wakeboarding experience. Hyperlite Unions Jr. Wakeboard 2022 is another great introduction of the brand that features a fully machined wood core, sintered base, and power press rockers line, making this board the perfect pick for your kid’s next ride.


  • Contains the strongest bonds
  • Safe and durable
  • Power press rocker
  • Woodlite core
  • Perfect for advanced and expert kid riders


  • Not for beginners

Liquid Force Fury Wakeboard – Kids

Liquid Force Fury Kids’ Wakeboard 2022

115cm / 120cm – Continuous Rocker

Flex Rating – 9 (1 Soft - 10 Stiff)

125cm – Diamond Squaretail

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Considered as one of the best wakeboards to start with, this can upgrade your skills in no time. It is an absolute beginner-level wakeboard that is easy to control and stabilize. It continuously has rockers to make movements smoother.

It has a soft flex and a foam core, making the board durable and lightweight for future wakeboarders. It has a concave-shaped center that even experts prefer while wakeboarding. Since it is a beginner-level board, it comes with four molded side fins.

It also has a center fin that is bolted on the board. It will help in tearing the waves and swaying over the water.


  • Easy to control and stabilize
  • A core is made of flex
  • Has a concave-shaped for better movement
  • Consists of all four side fins and a center fin too


  • Only beginners can use this board

O’Brien Siren Wakeboard – Girls

O'Brien Siren Wakeboard - Girls

Length: 135cm / 53.1"

Width: 42.5cm / 16.75"

Rocker: 2.25 Continuous

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This product is quite fun and easy to handle. It comes with an intriguing design and color. It is made out of a foam core and thus makes it even easier to handle. It is durable and provides smooth movements. It comes with Attack fins that make way through the water. This makes sure that no action is disrupted.

It has a continuous rocker type, ensuring your new rider’s safety. It will make their experience quite fun, exciting, and safe. This wakeboard has four side fins to prioritize safety. It also has a center fin that is bolted right on the surface.


  • It has a foam core to increase durability
  • Comes with interesting design
  • Has four side fins and one center fin
  • It is safe
  • Comes with a continuous rocker


  • It is available for girls only

Ronix El Von Videl Schnook Nu Core 2.0 Wakeboard

If your kid is power-packed and super enthusiastic about their new wakeboard experience, bring them this beauty. It comes with a gripping technology that will keep your child as safe as possible. Holding on to this board and releasing is pretty straightforward.

It has a wooden core that gives you incredible flex. It has continuous rockers that provide a smooth ride from one spot to another. Your little one will seldom feel the jerks and, thus, would be excited the whole time.

To make the movement even more stable, it has a wide shape that seems more reliable. It has a concave shape close to the tail and the tip. With a sintered base, this wakeboard can provide you the maximum stability.


  • Efficient grip and release technology
  • Wooden core for better flex
  • Continuous rockers
  • Wide shape for increased stability


  • No color or pattern option available

Top pick

The products mentioned above have all the best qualities a reliable wakeboard should possess. Although every product described here will prove great for your kid, there is one product that is the best of all choices.

Hyperlite Union Jr. 125 Kid’s Wakeboard is the perfect choice to start wakeboarding with. Even if your kid isn’t a beginner, this board will sharpen their skills even more. The board comes in two colors.

As both the options are gorgeous and look beautiful on the sparkly water surface, it will give your board an edge. Moreover, the board is very safe and has strong bonds. This will ensure that your kid stays safe in the water at all times.

Summing Up

Although wakeboarding is one of the coolest water sports to date, it is crucial not to get carried away and keep your kids safe. Adhere to all the safety essentials described above and not take any of those casually.

Going through each section mentioned above is crucial to ensure your kid stays safe in the water. Additionally, the product descriptions provided are based on all the factors discussed above.

AThe importance of safety in water cannot be overstated. Choose the perfect wakeboard for your kid with the utmost attention to all the pros and cons. Happy Riding!