Best Water Ski For Kids

Best Water Ski For Kids

Kids have young impressionable minds. It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that they are aware of a wide spectrum of sports and activities. By doing this, parents not only encourage their kid’s choices but also make for a fun hobby. Water skiing as a sport for kids may sound dangerous, but with the right equipment and technique, it can ensure their safety. Here’s a buyer’s guide that I have curated for the best water ski for kids.

Top Pick

There a myriad of water ski alternatives in the marketplace. Choosing the best one can be a confusing and tiring process. To make your job easier, I have narrowed the top 2 best water skis for kids.

Radar Firebolt Trainer Water Skis

Inclusive of additional training rope 

Detachable ski bar for stability

1 year warranty

Adjustable horseshoe bindings

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  • A vibrant and attractive animated look
  • Affordable
  • Inclusive of additional training rope 
  • Detachable ski bar for stability
  • 1-year warranty
  • Durable
  • Adjustable horseshoe bindings
  • Limited size available
HO 2021 Blast Combo Skis

Adjustable horseshoe bindings

Includes 1-year warranty

Compatible with trainer bar

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  • The product has a v-bottom design that allows stable tracking. 
  • 1-year manufacturing warranty
  • Specially designed trainer bar to kick start learning process
  • Horseshoe bindings 

The HO Blast Combo Skis balances fun and learning simultaneously. The trainer feature is removable so that as the child grows, they can try water skiing without them. They have a wider width structure that helps children to improve on their weaknesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Things To Consider Before Buying Water Skis For Kids?

Get The Training Wheels Ready

Trainers are a crucial aspect of learning any sport or extra-curricular activities. For instance, when you learned how to ride a bicycle, you probably did so with the help of training wheels. Furthermore, it helped you build your confidence and gain balance. In my opinion, water ski trainers are significantly beneficial in easing your kids into water skiing. In addition to building up your kid’s self-confidence, you’re also making the entire experience fun and exciting for them.

Pricey Is Not Equivalent To Premium Quality 

Sure, price does set standards for a product or a service, but you need to diversify your alternatives. People mostly go for costly items because it has a luxurious status or label. Nevertheless, it does not mean that there are no other brands at much cheaper rates with premium quality products. As an adult, you need not go overboard with expensive water ski equipment for your kids. Firstly, you need to set a budget limit and then explore your viable options. This will help you in finding cost-effective water skis without comprising on the quality of the products.

Reasonable Warranty Duration

There are incidents in which the companies tend to cheat their consumers by selling low-quality products. There are laws to protect consumers from such malpractice. A common way to ensure the consumers of the quality of their products is by giving consumers a warranty card. This way, you can save yourself from spending extra money on faulty equipment. In addition to that, you can also get a replacement or get reimbursed for the fault.


Kids being kids have a common tendency to run around and play with things. During their little play, they can break or damage items. Therefore, you need to buy products that can sustain rough use. There is no point regularly spending on water ski equipment because they break easily. Furthermore, these small investments can pile up to be a major loss for you. Smart advice for the parents would be to switch to durable and reliable water ski products.


Do not be fooled by the chronological order of this list of factors. Size is perhaps, the most crucial characteristic to consider before buying anything for these tiny humans. As they can possibly hurt themselves while water skiing, you need water skis that will fit them well. Kids are constantly growing, both physically and mentally. Therefore, it is your responsibility to categorically choose the products in reference to the size guide. The size guide for kids is standard throughout the sellers and easy to understand.

How To Improve Your Kid’s Slalom Water Skiing Technique? 

There are several ways by which you can help improve your child’s Slalom Water Skiing technique. The very first and prominent way of doing is by hiring a professional. Professional skiers are well-equipped with skiing skills and techniques. Due to this, your child can reach their best potential by utilizing top-notch tips. Further, during this course of time, your child will also become familiar with how they can secure their skiing journey. 

What are the safety measures to take when it comes to Slalom Water Skiing? 

A few things to keep in mind include- a sturdy rope, a life jacket, and a quality trainer. A sturdy rope can help hold your child in place. It can also protect them against several injuries. Other essentials like a life jacket can help secure your child against drowning.

What is the best time for water skiing for kids?

You and your kid can choose to water ski throughout the year. However, the summer period is ideally the best time to get your feet in the water. The warm breeze and abundance of time due to summer vacation is a good reason for them to learn a new sport.

What material is suitable for water skiing ropes? 

Polypropylene or polythene ropes are best suited to manufacture water skiing ropes. They are robust, have a good grip, and can bear heavy strain or tension. These premium quality ropes will make sure your kid has a sturdy grip during water skiing.

How to select the right pair of junior water skis?

  • Shape

In water skiing, the shape of the ski is of utmost importance. This holds true for kids water skis too. A round shape works best for junior skiers. The roundness allows them to maintain better stability in the water. Even if these are not entirely round, they should be wide along with the tip breadth.  This is in contrary to sharp and narrow skis. Such skis are difficult to handle and control. 

  • Bindings

While the nature of the ski matters the most, the right bindings are equally important. You wouldn’t want your kid to be uncomfortable in any manner. So what you need is an adjustable binding for your kids. These provide better fitting and accommodate your feet better. Adjustable bindings also give you the scope to accommodate growing children without changing the equipment frequently. Hence, this is also a cost saver.

  • Trainer Bars and Tail Connections

Beginners usually need extra support to maintain their stability in the water. Two independent skis can be difficult to handle. There is an option to include trainer bars that hold the skis together. These bars run across both the skis and attach them. You should look for this feature while selecting your kids’ water skis. Some skis also have a tail connection between the two skis. While this is not necessary, it might be helpful for absolute beginners. 

  • Rope system

For smaller kids with little experience in water, these features come in handy. Here the parents can control the kids ski using a rope system. The ropes run through the platform or trainer bars. The handle is held by parents or spotters who can easily smoothen out the falls. You can modify the rope length as per the child’s height for better control. This is a completely optional feature and depends a lot on age and experience. 

  • Material construction

Any water ski requires a buoyant and stable base. Not all materials can provide such features. The ski also needs to last for a significant period of time without causing any trouble. Not all skis are capable of this. You should look for wooden or polyurethane core construction for the best results.

  • Fins

Fins allow the skier to have better control of the direction of the ski. These help in tracking and maintaining a straight direction. It is better to choose a ski with fins. A nylon or plastic fin works fine for the purpose.

  • Size

Size is not a big factor while selecting kids’ skis. The ski size is determined based on the kids’ weight. Usually, the weight is proportionate to height in kids. The standard skiing size gives an approximate weight allowance to determine the right size for the kids. It is recommended not to choose a ski with a small gap between the upper limit and the actual weight of the child.