Connelly CWB Pure Wakeboard Review

Connelly CWB Pure Wakeboard Review

The Connelly family has an amazing legacy in water sports; they have made water skis, kneeboards, tubes, floats, vests, globes, bags and so many other water products. This year Connelly have come up with a whole series of amazing wakeboards, such as The Pure, an attractive board that is getting new riders into the water and professional riders onto the podium.

Connelly 2021 Pure Wakeboard

Light and durable

Fast and stable

Explosive pop off the wake

Beginner to intermediate skill range

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Board Height 51.1″ / 130 cm | Skier Weight up to 155 lbs / up to 70 kg
Board Height 52.7″ / 134 cm | Skier Weight 145 lbs and above / 66 kg and above
Board Height 55.5″ / 141 cm | Skier Weight 165 lbs and above / 75 kg and above

Key Features

  • Build Quality

The 2021 Connelly Pure was designed thinking about offering the best performance possible. Its shape has a large center spine from tip to tail, giving the rider soft landing on impact. Its core is Connelly’s System 80; it is made from polyurethane foam; this is closed cell technology with light density. This core has proven strength, durability, and dampening. Many boards are made of this material because the poly foam notably increases the quality during the ride. The polyurethane is soft, durable, flexible, elastic, resists impacts, making it ideal for building this board.

  • Design

This wakeboard has a subtle three stage rocker line: best of both worlds. The traditional continuous rocker line is a smooth even curve from tip to tail that gives the board an increased speed and more predictable pop off the wake, with soft landings, making it easier to turn on both sides. The three stage rocker is more explosive, it has three distinct planes on the bottom of the board with two bending points, causing a bigger vertical pop off the wake. The front plane pushes more water under the board, reducing the speed but giving a big kick over the wake and obstacles. The Connelly Pure has both: a smooth fluency and an explosive pop off the wake with soft landings and faster ride. It was designed with rail channels to improve the board’s track, four long molded fins in the base to help the rider maintain absolute control over the water, and in case more response is needed, it has two removable 1.9″ center fins that can be added for superior board tracking.

  • Bindings

The board’s engineering has come through many changes from its beginning, its latest novelty is the M6 inserts. This mechanism has notably improved the binding’s attachment since it has a reinforced closure from board to boots. The M6 inserts are equal to rider’s safety, this is why many companies have chosen them. Besides this, they allow the rider to use his favorite boots from any mark and not just those from the fabricant of the board; the M6 inserts are universal so they give complete freedom for the rider. The Connelly’s Venza bindings are recommended to wear with The Pure. These boots can be found in S/M (5-8), L/XL (9-12) and XXL (12-14) sizes. They have an open toe design, making them easy to use and easy to lend as well. They also have EVA footbeds, dual lace design and gorilla grip, all built in Achilles pads. These are the perfect boot to carry in the boat and offer family fun, they are comfortable, secure, and very attractive.


  • Light and durable.
  • Fast and stable.
  • Explosive pop off the wake.

Final thoughts / Conclusions

The Connelly team has been working hard to bring the more powerful instruments to its customers. The Pure is a great board to start riding but also to improve previous abilities. Its materials are of high quality and novelty from the industry such as the polyurethane foam, giving the board flexibility and strength while making it durable. Also, its subtle three stage rocker unites the best of the two classic rocker lines into one single board. Do not miss out, hurry up and try this!