Connelly CWB Wild Child vs Lotus Wakeboard Review

Connelly CWB Wild Child vs Connelly Lotus Wakeboard Review

Female riders require specific and durable boards. For several seasons, the CWB team did research along with the best board builders, designers, and athletes. Attention to detail is important, and now we can count on “Wild Child” and “Lotus” to perform well every time for female wakeboarders. Besides proper traction over wakes and edges, other aspects like detachable fins and thinner profiles have to be considered, which both of these wakeboards have.

Connelly 2021 Wild Child Wakeboard

Availability on tip shape (tip and rounded tail adapted to detachable center fin)

Subtle three-stage rocker profile

System 80TM Core

For intermediate-advanced skill range

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This is an artwork specifically thought for all female wakeboarders who want to take their performance to the next level. “Wild Child” is quite different from male’s boards. A lighter but strong mid-section table allows balanced water splicing. The smoothness and graceful movements over edges are achieved in a clean way.

Board Height 51.57″ / 131 cm | Rocker 2.47″/ 6.27 cm | Board mid-section width 16.62″/ 42.21 cm | Rider Weight up to 130 lbs / 58.96 kg
Board Height 53.54″ / 136 cm | Rocker size 2.49″/ 6.32 cm | Board mid-section width 16.85″/ 42.79 cm | Weight 120+ lbs / 54.43 kg

Key Features

  • Build Quality

The Foam System 80TM  Core helps to create a soft, fast and strong profile for women. The standard Connelly base structure allows correct traction and flex over wakes and guarantees durability despite tough landings.

  • Design

Wild Child really steps out from mainstream wakeboards. The subtle three-stage rocker integrates as essential accessory. A deeper central channel and detachable central fin generate an adaptable shape regarding proper movements, transitions, and skills for every female rider. The red rainforest graphic together with big fonts and sharp contrast colors define feminine and daring personality of this wakeboard.

  • Bindings

This versatile and light product offers many binding configurations. “Karma”, “Optima” and “Ember” ensure comfort and durability for several seasons.


  •   Availability on tip shape (tip and rounded tail adapted to detachable center fin).
  •     Subtle three-stage rocker profile.
  •     Foam System 80TM Core.
  •     Deeper central channel for better carving.
  •     4×4 shaped fins with detachable central fin.
  •     V-Tech tip and tail.

Connelly 2021 Lotus Wakeboard

Availability on tip shape (tip and tail customized shapes)

Subtle Three-stage rocker

Foam System 80TM Core

For beginner-intermediate skill range

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The Connelly Lotus model has some different aspects compared to the Connelly Wild Child build and performance. The long molded fins with 1.7’’ configuration, together with the removable center fin and central spine manage the water displacement. A reinforced edge channel was installed for better stability. However, the Lotus shares positive similarities with Wild Child in some respects. The Foam System 80 TM Core ensures correct stiffness and flex. The subtle three-stage rocker gives a balance between the abrupt continuous rocker massive “pop” effect and required smoothness for better carving over wakes. The alternated waves and mountains graphics in red and blue varied color tones configure an attractive and sporty identity for the Lotus wakeboard.

Board Height 51.18″ / 130 cm | Rocker 2.50″/ 6.35 cm | Board mid-section width 16.50″/ 41.91 cm | Rider Weight up to 140 lbs / 63.50 kg
Board Height 52.75″ / 134 cm | Rocker 2.93″/ 7.44 cm | Board mid-section width 16.90″/ 42.92 cm | Rider Weight 130+ lbs / 58.96+kg


  •     Availability on tip shape (tip and tail customized shapes).
  •     Subtle three-stage rocker.
  •     Foam System 80TM Core.
  •     Reinforced edge channel.
  •     Long molded fins with 1.7’’ configuration.

Final thoughts / Conclusion

A closer look to both models gave us an adequate perspective. Lotus achieved a customized profile with an eclectic combination of materials and specific design details for female wakeboarders, no matter if they are beginners or practitioners with an intermediate skill level. Wild Child goes beyond living up to its name. The strength and adequate flex of board structure open new ways of riding for female practitioners. All wakeboarders can take the right choice depending on their needs.