End Of Season Discount Wakeboards

End Of Season Discount Wakeboards

End Of Season Discount Wakeboards

Wakeboarding, for me, is extremely adventurous and boosts my adrenaline every time I choose to do it. I have accumulated a lot of knowledge, including what works and does not work while wakeboarding.

For a beginner, getting a wakeboard is a task and can be expensive. But with the end of the year coming, many offers can help you get a wakeboard for cheaper rates while not having to compromise on its quality or even its looks.

There are so many boards out there. You can’t just walk into a store and pick a random board up. In this article, along with telling you how to choose a wakeboard that fits your goals, I’ve also listed down five discounted wakeboards that you can get as this year gets over.

How to choose the best wakeboard?

If you are a beginner at wakeboarding, choosing the right board can itself be a tiring task? You need to consider many things before you pick your wakeboard, including the type of wakeboarding, your body proportions, or even your experience level.

In my past few years, or more like many years of experience, I have tried out a wide variety of wakeboarding features. However, these styles have worked out well for me. If you have your way of choosing, then feel free to do that!

Where are you going to wakeboard?

You can wakeboard in two different ways. You can ride behind a boat, or if you do not live near a lake, you can try cable park wakeboarding. So, are the boards for both types the same? Actually, they are not, and both have their own sets of features.

  • Cable Park Wakeboarding

Wakeboards designed to ride here have lots of flex on the tips and tails. This increased flex allows you to lock in on rails. The landings in cable park wakeboarding are quite flat, and the flex usually absorbs this.

An added advantage of this over the boat one is because, while doing boat wakeboarding, only one rider can surf, whereas, in a cable park, more than two can do it without being disturbed.

Another feature is that cable park boards are more durable because of all the wear and tear caused by the obstacles.

  • Boat Wakeboarding

The wakeboards used here are stiffer as it allows the board to maintain the shape and pop over time for longevity. Unlike cable wakeboards, the boat ones have fins. They are considerably smaller than the cable park boards.

  • Hybrid Wakeboard

If you can do cable wakeboarding and ride behind a boat, you must buy hybrid ones. They combine two of the best rockers- continuous and 2-stage rocker into one to give you the nearly perfect board.

The board has a combination of both Boat and Cable Park wakeboarding features, where the center for the board is quite stiff while the nose and the tail are more flexible.

How to Choose the Right Wakeboard Shape?

Based on the contours and features your board possesses, it will help you to direct water flow accordingly. If a board has more round, smoother it will ride through the water. On the contrary, if your board is square, all the water will be released at once. It can give an irritating feel.

You must consider the shape of the board through the bottom. This is called its rocker, and it can either be a continuous one or a three-stage rocker. If your board has a continuous rocker, you will have a smooth flow, making it perfect for beginners.

However, continuous rockers aren’t the fastest, and in this case, for more experienced riders, a three-staged rocker fixed board might work out well. It creates lesser drag and can cut through the water. This board is quite faster, which is why it is not suitable if you are new to wakeboarding.

Is it important to consider flex?

For your board to give you riding characteristics, it has to flex at certain locations. The boards that you use to ride behind a boat are not that flexible when compared to park boards. If your board has a softer flex, you tend to have an increased control while riding. In cable boards, the base is smoother with minimal features, as an increase in this can cause friction. With lesser friction, your board is more durable. You can always choose a sintered board with fewer features.

Do your weight and height matter?

Your weight and height while choosing a wakeboard are important. Just like your weight, your height matters as it helps in balance. If you choose a board bigger or smaller than your height, your landings would not be smoother and will cause you to fall more often. A smaller board won’t have enough stances, and it tends to lose speed very quickly.

Suppose you are shorter and get a bigger board that can cause you to move slowly. In my opinion, it is always better to have a bigger board than having a smaller one. There are many sizes available based on height and weight.

Should you consider your level of skills?

Yes. This is important as choosing the wrong board can be equally discomforting. If you are new to wakeboarding, get ones with variable edges and a rounded tip. This will reduce you from catching a hard edge while riding on one.

You can still ride the beginner’s board if you are quite advanced. It can, however, be difficult to do stunts and can cause reduced performance.

The Best Discounted Wakeboards

Here’s a list of the best ones for you:

Byerly Slayer Wakeboard

Byerly Slayer Wakeboard

Full Wood Rocker Lock Construction

Bi-Axial Fiberglass Lay-Up

Sintered Base

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The Byerly Slayer has a sintered base that makes the board quite long-lasting and durable. It also comes together with all wooden construction rockers. It has a biaxial fiberglass lay-up. This board does not include any fins and has a concave hull.

The lack of fins makes this is a perfect cable park wakeboard. The flex is soft and allows the riders to stay smooth throughout the ride. This wakeboard is handcrafted and has a wooden core, making it a high-quality wakeboard.


  • It is an amazing cable park board.
  • This is perfect for advanced riders.
  • The board also has a smooth flex.
  • It has amazing rockers.


  • It does not come along with bindings.

Slingshot the Bishop Wakeboard

Slingshot Bishop Wakeboard 2020

Three-Stage Rocker

Flex Tips

Narrow Outline

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It has a three-stage rocker and makes the ride feel more controlled. The shape of this wakeboard is narrow and has increased responsiveness. The main core of this board is made of Atomic wood, and this is vertically laminated.

The Slingshot’s overall weight increases because of its carbon bedrock inserts attached with carbon fiber. With increased body weight, the pull strength increases, allowing you to have a stable ride.

The base is ballistic and is a perfect ride for those who prefer taking it through obstacles. It is also great for advanced and abusive park riders as it can pull neatly through wear and tear. As an added advantage, the Slingshot also comes with great graphics.


  • The board looks great, along with having great functionalities.
  • It is perfect for abusive park riders as it is extremely durable.
  • It has a consistent flex.
  • The base is ballistic and is quite durable.
  • It has a three-stage rocker, and because of this, the board rides higher and faster.
  • The tips are designed uniquely to give a whole new feel on rails.


  • The landings can be harsh.
  • Perfect for intermediate to advanced people and not for beginners.

Hyperlite Jam Wakeboard

Hyperlite Jam Wakeboard 2022

Urethane Sidewall

Sintered Enduro Base

Greg Nelson Design

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The Hyperlite is surrounded by Urethane sidewalls, ensuring that the board can endure all the beating from any vigorous rides. It is made of Paulownia that increases its durability. It is also attached to a continuous rocker that helps carry speed and reduces drag.

The board is quite lightweight and is perfect for intermediate and advanced riders. But more than all of these features, the Hyperlite has a smooth base design that makes it’s a perfect ride.


  • It is durable and can withstand any vigorous rides against the park slides.
  • It has a smooth base design.
  • Its continuous rocker ensures a smooth and fast ride.
  • The drag of this board is also lesser.
  • It also avoids spinning and rotation.
  • The board has an attractive aesthetic.


  • It is 14.9 pounds and is quite heavy. This can make it harder for the riders.
  • It is not the best for beginners.

Ronix Kinetik Project Flex Box 1 Wakeboard

Ronix Kinetik Project Flex Box 1 Wakeboard

Vertical wood with flexbox 1

Riding style- Advanced park

Continuous Rocker

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This board has earned a good score in terms of durability. The core is made up of a high-quality material allowing it to withstand any harder hits from the park’s obstacle courses. The Ronix is available in three different sizes, including 144cm, 150cm, and 156 cm.

If you are an advanced rider, you can try this board out. It is also made up of a continuous rocker system, which ensures you smoothly pass through. It has a great flex system that makes it less resistant to water. This Ronix model is designed for those who are quite experienced.


  • You can perform better stunts with the Ronix.
  • The board is also extremely durable and can last for a longer period.
  • It also has an amazing flex.


  • The RonixKinetik is quite expensive.

Ronix Spring Break Nu Core 2.0

Ronix Spring Break Nu Core 2.0

Riding Style: Park // All Levels

Construction: Nu Core 2.0

Rocker: Continuous

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This version of the Ronix is not only quite fun to look at but also is fun to ride as it has a loose and free feeling on the water. It has a soft and all over flex. This softer flex allows riders to have control of park features.

Park boards like the Ronix do better with a softer flex and no fins. It has a Paulownia wooden core that helps to make it durable


  • The rocker in this Ronix model is continuous, and it ensures a smoother finish.
  • It is a perfect cable park board.
  • This is perfect for both beginners and advanced wakeboarders.
  • The core material is wood, and it is sturdy.
  • The board has a good design.


  • It is not suited for boat wakeboarding as it does not have any fins.
  • It is expensive.

Top Pick

These five listed here are all amazing boards. However, if you have to choose the one, you might want to go with the Slingshot Bishop wakeboard. Although designed for cables and experts, this board has features that set it apart from the rest.

The bishop is an excellent wakeboard with flex tips, a stiffer belly, a narrow outline, and a ballistic base. It also has a core made up of vertically laminated wood. It also has a 3-stage rocker, ideal for boat riding. However, this board is for experts and can be impossible in the initial days for others.


To sum it up, there are several boards out there from which you can choose. You need to filter them out based on several factors and align them to your wakeboarding goals. It is not surprising that getting one can be expensive. That is why I’ve listed out products currently in the sale.

If you want to try something new, wakeboarding will get you out of bed. While getting a wakeboard, always remember to get for this also. Over the last few years, it has been the most famous sport. And that is why a buying guide is recorded.