Radar Origin vs Radar X-Caliber Combo Water Skis Review

Radar Origin Vs Radar X-Caliber Combo Water Ski Review

Radar’s mission is: Just go ski. Year after year, Radar is consistently fabricating the best water skis for the new season. Although both are part of the 2019 Radar collection, both are combo skis aimed at beginners. They both have a lot going for them, and below, we review both.

Radar Origin Combo Water Skis

Radar Origin Combo Water Skis

Training bar to increase stability

Beginner skill range

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Radar Origin combo skis are a great choice for anyone wanting to begin their water skiing journey. These combo skis are designed to get the skier on water top with a clean and efficient water start. Being tailored towards beginners, it comes with a training bar to increase stability and improve the skier’s confidence.
  • Ski size (in) 59 | weight range (lbs) 60 – 145
  • Ski size (in) 67 | weight range (lbs) 135 – 210


  • High stability
  • Easy for wake crossings

Key Features

  • Build Quality
This combo ski is made of Polypropylene. The high-density polyfoam is injected into a heated mold to form its core, then this core is wrapped with fiberglass, and the surfaces are saturated with resin. This combo ski has layers of thick fiberglass, making it strong and flexible. Its shape is the conventional narrow tunnel bottom, adding directional stability. It also has rounded with softly beveled edges, increasing the skier’s control over the wake.
  • Design
Radar Origin combo skis are an open-water pair of skis designed especially for female beginners. It has a progressive profile sidecut and a narrower profile that makes it nimble on top. Its rocker line is standard, and it has one year of warranty. The 59” can ride up to 26 mph, and the 67” has a maximum recommended speed of 28mph.
  • Bindings
The Radar Origin comes with Horseshoe bindings. It has a comfortable and adjustable sliding mechanism and has no issues placing your foot in or rebooting your ski in the water.

Radar X-Caliber Combo Water Skis

Radar X-Caliber Combo Water Skis 2022

Includes Molded EVA Cruise Bindings

1-year warranty

Wide base with side cut

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Buoyancy is what you say when you are asked about these combo skis. They have increased surface area underfoot, helping you maintain stability over the water. This increased surface area lends itself to beginner men who want to start water skiing. If you have no experience, do not be afraid, this is an excellent option for you to gain confidence in open water.
  • Ski size (in) 59 | weight ranges (lbs) upto 140
  • Ski size (in) 67 | weight ranges (lbs) over 140


  • Very stable
  • Strong and durable

Key Features

  • Build Quality
The Radar X-Caliber has a polypropylene foam core, making the combo ski really light but strong. It has layered glass, which gives it durability and avoids delamination since fiberglass is high-quality material. It has a wide platform, a mellow sidecut, reinforced closure, one orange fin in each ski, and it is specifically designed for men.
  • Bindings
The Radar X-Caliber combo ski comes with The Cruise boots, a comfortable molded Eva design.

Final thoughts / Conclusion

For the Radar team, 2021 was a year to help new skiers venture into water sports. If you want to start water skiing, you have already made the right decision. Young girls and women who are just starting out and would like a training bar for stability should go for the Radar Origin. Boys are more suited towards the Radar X-Caliber and stand a better chance of getting up the first time with the increased surface area the X-Caliber provides.