Ronix Highlife Flexbox 2 Wakeboard 2020

Ronix Highlife Flexbox 2 Wakeboard Review

Ronix Highlife Flexbox 2 Wakeboard Review

One of the most critical and efficient kinetic energy distribution sections in a wakeboard is the belly section (mid-section of boards). Generally, an excessive “bounce” effect can decrease the performance level in demanding tournaments seasons. The Ronix Team, specialized in kinetics, noticed this. After many designs and tests, the research outcomes have an outstanding variety. In all the outcomes, they created the “flexbox” feature for customized wakeboards. “Highlife” has a specialized version of it. Also, let’s take a brief sight of many aspects of an uncommon but fascinating product.

Ronix Highlife Flexbox 2 Wakeboard 2020

After this product reached the final stage of its fabrication, the “Kinetik” team tested this board riding wakes and performing transitions with excellent results. The flex distribution through some boards fabricated by Ronix was made following a “map” pattern according to pursued performance in difficult and daring tournaments. “Highlife” has the “Flexbox 2” rigid configuration, which allows a major energy distribution to tip and tail, ideal for lateral movements and extra-angled pressure to the large rocker of this board.

  • Wakeboard size 130 cm | height (in) 3.2 | stance range (in) 19-25 | center (in) 16.6 | surface (sq. in) 745 |weight (lbs) upto 160
  • Wakeboard size 135 cm | height (in) 3.3 | stance range (in) 20-26 | center (in) 16.7 | surface (sq. in) 779 |weight (lbs) upto 175
  • Wakeboard size 140 cm | height (in) 3.4 | stance range (in) 21-27 | center (in) 16.8 | surface (sq. in) 812 |weight (lbs) upto 175
  • Wakeboard size 145 cm | height (in) 3.6 | stance range (in) 22-28 | center (in) 16.9 | surface (sq. in) 846 |weight (lbs) 165+

Key Features

  • Build Quality

The Paulownia wood core was taken to the next level with “Highlife Flexbox 2”. The vertical wood at the board’s central section and the horizontal wood at the tip and tail are essential for successfully applying the Flexbox 2 rigid configuration. They carefully built the “belly” section of “Highlife” to adapt to Grip and Release technology and other design specifications.

  • Design

Although some serialized aspects in design are quite difficult to apply, this one is a more customized and effective product. The “Highlife” unique fabrication process required an original and functional design. A larger continuous rocker is the first different aspect of this product and complements the specialized flex at the mid-section of this board. This rocker helps in achieving effective and hydrodynamic water flow management with this rocker.

Also, the vertical speed walls and the sintered base distributed through the wakeboard give more stability and surface speed. The Grip (G) and Release (R) unique configuration for this product allow a correct displacement or good “carving” over wakes and edges.

Radical high-contrast colors with crosses-pattern graphics, along with the ghostly and cool graphic of a captain of a sunken ship, enhance the intrepid identity of “Highlife Flexbox 2”.

  • Bindings

Regarding bindings, the “Kinetik” team has designed specialized boots for this product. The “Para-skin” feature gives extra endurance for exhaustive practice sessions and rough tournaments. Also, the brand new 3-D molded toe and heel panels adapt to the practitioners’ movements and skills.


  • Availability on tip shape (tip and tail with a nearly straight shape)
  • Larger continuous rocker
  • Paulownia customized wood core
  • Flexbox 2 rigid profile
  • Grip (G) and Release (R) technology
  • Sintered base
  • Molded speedwalls
  • M6 Inserts

Final thoughts / Conclusion

There are many “flex” configurations in all boards available in the market. But regarding wakeboards, sometimes excessive fatigue could occur in tournaments. And here comes “Highlife” in view. Its Flexbox 2 feature, together with Paulownia core unique fabrication, a larger continuous rocker, and the Grip and Release technology, put this product among the best wakeboards of Ronix.