Ronix Quarter Til Midnight Women’s Wakeboard Review

Ronix Quarter Til Midnight Women’s Wakeboard Review

Ronix Quarter Til Midnight Women’s Wakeboard Review

As a woman rider, choosing the right wakeboard can be challenging due to the variety of options available. There are endless options to choose from, from structures, designs, removable fins to unique material and uncommon shapes of a wakeboard. If you are looking for one of the most popular wakeboards designed especially for women, Ronix Quarter Til Midnight is the right pick. The rare trait of this board is adapting to users, regardless of their ability and user.

Ronix Quarter Til Midnight Women’s Wakeboard (2022)

This is the best wakeboard if you are looking for predictable, fast take-offs and explosive wake-to jumps; this wakeboard covers the spectrum. In order to experience a free ride, riders have to distribute their weight evenly. Besides this, the riders can enjoy hairpin turns with instant edge transactions if they move their weight to the board tail.
Ronix Quarter Til Midnight Women’s Wakeboard (2022)

Hybrid Rocker 

Energy: 4 (1 Stored Energy – 10 Instant Energy)

Modello Core 

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  • Wakeboard size 129 cm | height (in) 2.4 | stance range (in) 18.5-24.5 | center (in) 16.4 | surface (sq. in) 750 |weight (lbs) upto 175
  • Wakeboard size 134 cm | height (in) 2.5 | stance range (in) 19.5-25.5 | center (in) 17 | surface (sq. in) 803 |weight (lbs) upto 185
  • Wakeboard size 138 cm | height (in) 2.6 | stance range (in) 20-26 | center (in) 17.2 | surface (sq. in) 837 |weight (lbs) upto 150+

Key Features

  • Build Quality
One of the most important aspects of the fabrication process is the Fiberglass and Foam Core. The strength in molecular togetherness is adapted for women’s body physics. Furthermore, the customized flex (with a factor of 1 for stored energy and 10 for instant energy) enhances the skills of female wakeboarders regarding “pop” movements over wakes.
  • Design
A hybrid continuous rocker complements the “belly” side of “Quarter Til Midnight,” consistently splicing the water. The concave bottom hull with the “Grip(G) and Release (R)” technology increases the sliding effect for better traction. The four fiberglass 1.0″ ramp fins and the variable rail extend the hydrodynamic work of the hybrid continuous rocker and the concave bottom hull. Like the best wakeboards in the market, “Quarter” presents an M6 inserts configuration. This improves the thin profile and reduces the space between the wakeboard and bindings. The beautifully intricate geometrical shapes on black and grey, along with a tribal design in purple color and big letters, define the courageous, sporty, and feminine identity of Ronix Quarter Til Midnight.
  • Bindings
This wakeboard has defined values of stance range configuration associated with the bindings. The thinner profile of “Quarter” requires boots like “Halo” with 2-stage liners and customized stripers for better control. The “Main-frame” technology of Ronix advanced boots adapts to the foot shape, which feels comfy in hard impact situations.


  • Availability on tip shape (tip and tail with a nearly straight shape).
  • Hybrid continuous rocker.
  • Fiberglass and Foam Core with secret flex for women.
  • Flex 4 (with 1: Stored Energy – 10: Instant Energy factor).
  • Concave bottom hull with Grip (G) and Release (R) technology.
  • Variable rail.
  • 4 Fiberglass 1.0″ Ramp Fins.
  • M6 Inserts.

Final thoughts / Conclusion

The balance between strength, speed, and flexibility in the Ronix Quarter Til Midnight caters specifically to female riders. Customized flex factor, along with a concave bottom hull with G&R technology, make sure this wakeboard is fun for all female wakeboarders.