Top 5 Combo Water Skis

Top 5 Combo Water Skis

If you are starting to water ski, combo water skis are a perfect choice. I aim to cover all information that you will need prior to selecting the right pair of combo water skis. Once you have made your choice, nothing can stop you from the perfect water skiing weekend ahead. 

Top Pick

If you want a pair of combo skis that are well rounded and will stand the test of time, Connelly Eclypse fits the bill. You will find a stable base ski along with a reinforced composite core. Specifically built for beginners, these skis have a wide nose to aid deep water starts.

Best Picks for Combo Water Skis 

Connelly 2021 Eclypse Combo Skis

Reinforced Composite Construction

Durable lace bindings

Includes Connelly Tracking System

Appropriate for all ages and skill levels

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  • Wide nose and tip for added stability
  • Reinforced composite construction
  • Features Connelly Tracking System

The newest model of Connelly Combo ski range is the Connelly Eclypse 2021. If you want a reliable pair of skis without much effort, these are the perfect pair to choose. The Connelly Eclypse is a great confidence booster for beginner skiers. The ski features a wide nose and tail, built for beginners to enable an easy start in deep water. The reinforced composite construction ensures a long-lasting and lightweight ski. Other mentionable features include the high gloss UV coating, this expands the life of the ski. Available in 67 inches length, which accommodates a skier’s weight of up to 275lbs (125kg). This size is enough for most skiers and includes a unique feature, Connelly Tracking System. Also includes slalom boot for more experienced skiers. Overall suitable for skiers from beginner through to advanced intermediate level. Includes all the essential characteristics of a good ski.

O'Brien 2021 Performer Combo Skis

Includes X-8 adjustable bindings

Aggressive rocker design and bevels

Combination of slalom and combo ski

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  • Includes X-8 adjustable bindings
  • The tip is narrower, more appropriate for intermediate skiers.

You can expect nothing but superior performance with the O’Brien Performer Combo Water Ski. The ski is built with precision and includes high-quality X-8 bindings. The design is appropriate for all skiers alike. A wide fore-body provides easy stability to the skier. Features aggressive rocker design and bevels that enables swift cuts and turns. Open toe binding on the back of one ski allowing you to transition from combo skiing to slalom skiing by practicing dropping a ski. You can switch between the two without any hassle. The X-8 bindings that come with the O’Brien Performer Combo Ski seem comfortable. Appropriate for foot sizes 7 to 13 US. Securely holds your foot. A good fit for beginners and intermediate skiers. 

HO 2021 Burner Combo Skis

Adjustable horseshoe bindings

Oversized shape for more stability

Free learning to water ski instructional video link

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  • Compatible with trainer bars
  • V-bottom design for easy mobility
  • Not suitable to progress to slalom skiing

As the name suggests, HO Burner water skis are the go-to product for an all-in-one aggressive pair of skis. Everything from the shape and the material quality adheres to high standards. HO skis are built to maximize stability and reduce drag while water skiing. The design supports a user-friendly approach. Oversized shape allows for easier starts in deep water. You can easily manage these skis even at lower speeds, great for beginners. Incorporates a V-bottom design, which lets you cut through the water. Adjustable bindings included are compatible with a wide range of foot sizes, as large as 15 US. This ski is more relevant for beginners, with the option to attach trainer bars. The trainer bars promote easy learning. You will also receive a free instructional video link on water skiing for more convenience. Includes a 1-year warranty, it is trustworthy and durable.

HO 2021 Blast Combo Skis

Adjustable horseshoe bindings

Includes 1-year warranty

Compatible with trainer bar

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  • Adjustable horseshoe bindings
  • Includes 1-year warranty
  • Compatible with trainer bar

If you are looking for an affordable alternative to the top ski in our list, this pair of combo skis will be the right fit for you. Follows a wide combo shape for easy deep water starts, complemented with a V-bottom and standard rocker line.  Includes adjustable horseshoe bindings for better comfort. The HO Burner is compatible with HO trainer bars and comes with one year warranty in case you face issues later on.

Radar X-Caliber Combo Water Skis

Includes Molded EVA Cruise Bindings

1-year warranty

Wide base with side cut

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  • Wide Profile Sidecut
  • Molded EVA cruise boot bindings
  • Includes 1-year warranty
  • It is quite expensive

The ski is great for beginners who are nervous about starting water skiing. It features a wide base to enable greater stability, along with a mellow side cut. This helps you to swiftly get up when starting out. Includes cruise bindings, making it a superior quality product. Molded EVA Cruise boot bindings are one of a kind for providing the maximum level of comfort.  Also includes slalom boot for advanced skiers. Comes with 1-year warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What comprises a suitable combo water ski?

  • Shape

While you might not be able to differentiate between shapes instantly, getting a closer look will help. You will find a variety of tip and bottom shapes of a ski. A narrower shape is preferable at fast speeds to cut through the water. At lower speed levels, a U-shaped ski is more useful. For the bottom shape, you can go for a V-bottom. This enables stable tracking of the ski by maintaining direction.

  • Core construction

In any water sports equipment, the core of the product plays a major role. It determines not only the ski performance but also the durability of the product. For a water ski, reinforced composite core construction is the one you are looking for. Polyurethane or wooden skis work best and are also lightweight. These are accompanied by carbon fiber or glass to provide a long-lasting construction. 

  • Width

There are multiple options for the width size in a ski. These might be the traditional length, wide-length or narrow length. There are differentiated based on the skill level. People with more skill can handle narrower skis. Whereas a beginner requires more surface area to maintain stability.

  • Length of the ski 

While length does not have any direct impact on the skiing experience, it is of great importance. The ski length is directly proportional to the skier’s weight. Hence, all you need to do is select a ski length that is compatible with your weight.

  • Additional Features

In case you are an absolute beginner, there are certain things you can look for. One such factor is the compatibility with trainer bars. While some beginner skis already include a trainer bar, others do not. You want a ski where you can install a detachable trainer bar for more stability.  

2. How are combo skis a better than slalom skis?

The type of ski primarily depends on the ski level. For beginners, they should start on combo skis and progress to using a slalom ski. Combo skis involve one ski for each leg. As there is twice the surface area to balance on, it increases stability and will make learning to ski an enjoyable and quicker experience. Another reason why combo skis are a better alternative than slalom skis is that combo skis usually include a slalom boot. This is advantageous for skiers wanting to switch from combo to slalom skiing later on.

3. What are the main characteristics of a good pair of bindings?

Bindings are the sole connecter between you and the skis. Your entire comfort depends on these. While all good brands provide a good pair of bindings, you can check for certain factors. The first being the material composition. The best material for bindings is runner and neoprene. Another factor is the superior fit to the boots. For this, ensure that the bindings are adjustable and include laces. The last thing you can check for is a tongue for easy donning.